Typora (0.9.63) beta

by typora.io


JumpList (Windows)

New version will also put recent used folders on the jump list of Typora, you could pin frequently used file/folder and access them quickly from task bar.

Recent file and recent folder can be cleared by click “Open Recent” → “Clear Items” from File menu.

Open Quickly

Now recent files and files in current working folder will be listed in open quickly dialog in separated group. When user open new file or rename file, the file list in open quickly dialog will also get updated.

Copy without Theme Styling

Add new menu option to content semantic content without theme styling. For example, if you write “text”, then <strong> style is kept while specific styles, such as color, font family, line height, etc will not be copied. You could find more details in https://support.typora.io/Copy-and-Paste/



Source Code Mode

Bug fix