Typora (0.9.61) beta

by typora.io


In new release, you could click the “Search” icon on side panel on macOS or just scroll top on side panel on Windows/Linux version of Typora to show global search input. Or use hotkey Command(Ctrl) + Shift + F to open global search.

Note: in new release, you could close sidebar via icons on titlebar (macOS) or status bar (Windows/Linux).

Move Files by Drag & Drop

File moved are supported via drag & drop in File Tree Panel.

You could also drag and drop between Finder/Explorer and Typora’s sidebar.

Also, drag file/folder from sidebar to writing area to would insert links towards dragged files.

New Language Support

We added:


Word Count

Read more details in Word Count.

Choose default counting statistics

Now user can choose one from character count, word count, line count, and read time as default counting statistics by click the “word count” button.

Improve word count

File Operations

You could find more details here.


Outline Panel

We added filter in outline panel, for quickly jump to target position.

Preferences Panel

Since there are more and more options in preferences panel, now preferences panel is also search on Windows/Linux version. User could search either in current language or in English.

Wiki Site

Search is also enabled in this support site https://support.typora.io/.


Bug Fix