Use Typora from Shell or Cmd



You can use open -a typora to open the markdown file in Typora from a command line. If Typora is your default editor for .md files, when open would be enough.

You can also add

alias typora="open -a typora"

in your .bash_profile or other configuration file, then you would be able to simply type typora instead.


If Typora is set as the default markdown editor, then in cmd.exe, then typing .\ or start will open this markdown file.

To set Typora as the default markdown editor:

  1. Select one of your markdown files
  2. Open context menu and choose
    • Properties and then click on Change buttong, as shown in Figure 1
    • Open with -> Choose another app, as shown in Figure 2
  3. Choose Typora or Typora Launcher in How do you want to open this file? and set a checkmark for Always use this app to open .md files.

Figure 1 - File properties window
Figure 1 - Open Properties of Markdown file

Figure 2 - Application chooser window
Figure 2 - Applicaiton chooser


After installing Typora on Linux, user can run typora directly in terminal, for example:

typora ~/Document/