Use Typora from Shell or Cmd



You could use open -a typora to open target markdown in Typora. If Typora is your default editor for .md file, when open would be enough.

You could also add

alias typora="open -a typora"

in your .bash_profile or other configuration file, then you would be able to do typora to open the markdown file from shell/terminal directly.


If Typora is set as the default markdown editor, then in cmd.exe, input .md file path directly would open target markdown file. For example: .\ or start

To set Typora as the default markdown editor you have to do following:

  1. Select one of your markdown files
  2. Open context menu and choose
    • Properties and then click on Change buttong, as shown in Figure 1
    • Open with -> Choose another app, as shown in Figure 2
  3. Choose Typora or Typora Launcher in How do you want to open this file? and set a checkmark for Always use this app to open .md files.

Figure 1 - File properties window
Figure 1 - Open Properties of Markdown file

Figure 2 - Application chooser window
Figure 2 - Applicaiton chooser


After install Typora on Linux, user could run typora directly in terminal, for example:

typora ~/Document/