Basic Syntax

[Link Text](link-address)

[Link Text](link-address "optional title")

Protocols like http:// cannot be omitted for this type of syntax.

[Link Text][Ref]

[Ref]: link-address "optional title"

or, it can be shorten as


[Ref]: link-address

Protocols like http:// cannot be omitted for this type of syntax.


Auto URL

Typora can automatically detect url link in markdown, and render them as URL link, but please note that other markdown engines may not support this.

This is a link:

HTML <a> tag

You could also use raw HTML to add links, for example

<a href="" target="__blank">Link to Google</a>

<a name="anchor"></a> Anchor

<a href="#anchor">Link to Anchor</a>

For link towards a website, we suggest you DO NOT omit URL protocols like https:// or http://, or it may be interpreted as relative link by Typora or other Markdown engines, or after export/publish.

You could use write relative or absolute path as link address towards a local file, the extension like (.md) can be omitted, for example:







Please note that, for relative link address, it will not be converted into real absolute file path when export as HTML based on Markdown’s spec.

You can also link to chapters for other files, like


To open “Header 1” of file when open the link.

You can use # to create links towards any headings in your markdown file, for example:

# This is a title


A [link](#this-is-a-title) to jump towards target heading

If there are duplicated headings, add numbered suffix starting from -1, e.g:

# Hello


# Hello


A [link](#hello-1) to first heading, a [link](#hello-2) to second one.

You could also write named anchors using raw HTML:

<a id="anchor"></a> Anchor

<a href="#anchor">Link to Anchor</a>

To, hide the empty <a>, you could add following in custom CSS (#2921):

/* hide the anchor HTML */
a[name]:empty + .md-raw-inline {
a[name]:empty {
  text-decoration: none;
a[name]:empty:before {
/* show the anchor HTML when cursor is inside */
.md-expand .md-raw-inline {
    display: inline !important;

You can use command+click (macOS), or ctrl+click (Linux/Windows) on links in Typora to jump to target headings, or open them in Typora, or open in related apps.


If you want to make a link to local file, please make ensure the path is correct.

If you want to create a link towards website “”, you need to put the URL scheme or protocol, for example use [link](

Sometimes, protocol can be omitted if you use autolink (<>) or auto URL (, but this rules variables across different Markdown editors/engines, so we will recommend you NOT omit protocols in any case for less compatibility issue.

Cannot open location, would you want to create file at folder/ and continue?

If you add link to local file, but target file does not exists, this tooltip will shows and guide you to create a file at target location.