Launch Arguments (Windows / Linux)


You can launch Typora.exe with extra arguments, for example:

"C:\Program Files\Typora/typora.exe" --disable-gpu


Chrome-based Launch Arguments

You can find more details here →

Launch Typora with proxy (Windows / Linux)

Run C:\Program Files\Typora/typora.exe --proxy-server=address:port, for example C:\Program Files\Typora/typora.exe --proxy-server=socks5://

Or you can click Preferences panel -> General -> Advanced Settings -> Open Advanced Settings, open config.user.json, find the line starts with “flags” then replace it with following content:

"flags": [["proxy-server", "address:port"]]

Flags in Advanced Configs

You can also config “flags” field in Preferences Panel → Open Advanced Settings to use chrome-based launch arguments. This also supports Typora < 0.9.92.