Custom Key Binding


User can set or reassign shortcut keys for commands in Typora’s menu bar. This article will show how to customize Typora’s key binding.


We use macOS’s system feature to customize Typora’s key binding on macOS.

  1. Open System PreferenceKeyboard, select tab Shortcuts. Select App Shortcuts in its left panel.


  2. Click the “+” button, a dialog sheet would pop up. Select “” from field Application, then input the exact name of the menu command you want to add, and then input the shortcut key you want to assign.

    For example, assume you want to add/change the shortcut key to pin Typora’s window, you could fill the dialog like following:


    Then Command+Shift+P will be the shortcut key for menu command “always On Top”

Windows / Linux

(Requires Typora ≥ v0.9.16)

  1. Open MenuPreference in Typora, then click “Open Advanced Settings”.


  2. Open and edit conf.user.json from opened “File Explore”. If there’s no such file, create one.

  3. Set or add JSON object which represents a key binding, for example:


  4. Restart Typora, and the new key binding will be applied.


You could set or change shortcut keys for menu items in menu bar in native window style.

Q: Shortcut keys does not work on Ubuntu

Solution: Please check and