Advanced Settings File for Windows / Linux



Open Advanced Config File

Some settings are hidden from the preferences panel and store into a config.user.json config file. You can open it from Preferences PanelGeneralAdvanced SettingsOpen Advanced Settings. If you do not have any application bond to the .json extension, Typora will just open the folder contains that file, you can open and edit the file with any text editor.

Edit Advanced Setting

You can edit the advanced setting file (config.user.json) with any code editor or. text editor. The file is formatted in JSON, but supports // comments.

After save and restart Typora, your modifications are applied.

You can revert your changes by delete the file, or click Reset Advanced Settings in Preferences PanelGeneralAdvanced Settings.

Proper JSON Format

A proper json file is:



For example, if your custom CSS contains CSS styles like p {font-family: sans-serif}, then the value of sansSerif under defaultFontFamily is chosen.

Auto Hide Menubar

You can enable “auto hide menubar” by setting "autoHideMenuBar": false.

When enabled, the menubar is hidden, and you can toggle it is shown or hidden by press alt key.


Please refer Add Search Service.


Please refer Change Shortcut Keys on Windows / Linux.


When set to true, emojis will be in same color with your normal text on Windows. By default, emojis are colorful like your iOS or Android devices.

Launch Flags

The flags property stores arguments passed when launching Typora, you can refer to Launch Arguments.