Add Search Service


User can add custom search engine to extend functions shown in context menu.

Slice 2


There is a system wide preference to change available search engines in context menu for most applications. You would find the settings here:



(Requires Typora ≥ v0.9.16)

  1. Open MenuPreference in Typora, then click “Open Advanced Settings”.


  2. Open and edit conf.user.json from opened “File Explore”. If there’s no such file, create one.

  3. Modify or set following config into the conf.user.json file, %s will represent the selected text. for example:

    "searchService": [
        ["Search with Google", ""],
        ["Translate", "|auto|%s"]
        ["Search with Wikipedia", ""]

    Note: Default config is:

    "searchService": [
        ["Search with Google", ""],
  4. Restart Typora, options from searchService will be available in context menu.