About Themes

by typora.io

Change Themes

Typora has 5~6 built-in themes. Changing writing theme can be done by selecting theme under the theme menu bar. You could also download, install, modify or write your own custom theme to stylize Typora.

Typora use CSS to style all contents, each theme under theme menu is one .css files under “Typora’s theme folder”. So, briefly speaking, you could add/modify themes by adding/modifying correspond css files under “Typora’s theme folder”.

Get Typora Themes

We have an office website Typora Theme Gallery for designers/developers to share their custom themes with others. You could download theme from there.

Install Custom Themes

  1. Open Theme Folder. (see instructions below)
  2. Copy or move .css file and related resources, like fonts or images, into the newly opened folder.
  3. Restart Typora, then select it from Themes menu.

Open Theme Folder


Open preference panel by cmd+`, then click “Open Theme Folder”



Open preference panel from FilePreference from menubar, then click “Open Theme Folder”:


Modify Current Styles

Sometimes, you may just want to change font family for all themes, for change font-color for headings for a specific themes. In this case, you do not need to copy/modify a whole exiting css file, just Add Custom CSS is enough. In brief:

Please note that the built-in CSS theme files will get overwritten completely on typora version up, so, write your custom css into *.user.css, instead of the existing files, will prevent your modifications from being lost after update.

Write My Own Theme

Please refer to Write Custom Theme for Typora.