Typora 1.3

by typora.io


Search / Find and Replace

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Save Resources As…

You can now right click on a media resources (including images, SVGs, videos, sequence chart, flowchart, mermaid diagrams and math) to save the media content in separate files in your local disk.

For diagrams and math, you can save it in formats of sag, png and jpeg. Other resources like images and videos can be saved in their original format.

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Download / Move / Copy all images to folder

In this version, we added two new menu items

They will copy or move all used images to new folder and update path references in your markdown file. If your image is remote images, then Typora will download and save them to the target folder.

Auto move image folder

When you rename or move current document in Typora window, typora will now pop up a dialog to let you move your image folder if your image folder is tied with your file path / name. For example, if you set ${filename}.assets as your image folder in preferences panel, and your current document name is file 1. Then if you rename the current opened file to file 2, then typora will helps you to move image folder from file 1.assets to file 2.assets and update references in current document.

Please note it now only works for rename or move current document in Typora file tree sidebar. On macOS, rename or move outside Typora window will also trigger this.

Iframe (Windows / Linux)

From this version, <iframe> is fully supported in Windows / Linux. In previous versions, javascript is blocked in iframe unless the website is in our whitelist for security reasons. Now, javascript is supported in iframe, and is isolated with the main frame.

Copy / Paste as

Copy as HTML Code and Copy without Theme Styling is added as submenu item of Copy / Paste As... in context menu. In previous versions, user can only access them from menu bar or custom shortcut keys, now they are added in context menu for quick operations.

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Improvements / Bug Fix

Import / Export

Copy / Paste




One More Thing

We launched a status page — https://status.typora.io/ on Cloudflare.

If you are interested, you can click here to get your own status page.

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