Typora 1.2

by typora.io


Update Mermaid Version

Mermaid version is now at 8.14.0, compared to previous version typora used, it now has:


Delete Image Files

CleanShot 2022-03-19 at 20.01.00@2x

Now you can now delete original image files from context menu, it will remove image item displayed in your markdown file as well as its original files in local disk. But please ensure no other files using that image file before you delete it from disk.

Move Images

In previous Typora versions, you move copy images to a given folder, but the original image file will still be kept. This version we introduced “image move”, which allows you to move image from one location to another, update the references in Typora, and delete the original image files at disk.

Picsee as New Image Uploader

We are happy to announce that macOS users have a new option to upload their imagesPicsee.


Picsee is an image viewer & organizer on macOS.

You could install it from Mac App Store. To configure Picsee to upload your images, please refer this document.

Other relates to images


Bug Fix

One More Thing

Typora is on a MathJax Supporter. Thanks to their great work to bring math functions into many websites and products, one beneficiary of them, is Typora.

“We really appreciate the support provided by Typora,” said Davide Cervone, the lead developer for MathJax. “This support allows us to continue to grow MathJax’s features in version 3.”