Use Links in Typora/Markdown


Basic Syntax

For link towards a website, we suggest you DO NOT ommit URL protocols like https:// or http://, or it may be interrucpt as relative link by Typora or other Markdown egines, or after export/publish.

You could use write relative or absolute path as link address towards a local file, the extension like (.md) can be omitted, for example:







Please note that, for relative link address, it will not be converted into real absolute file path when export as HTML based on Markdown’s spec.

You can use # to create links towards any headings in your markdown file, for example:

# This is a title


A [link](#this-is-a-title) to jump towards target header

You can use command+click (macOS), or ctrl+click (Linux/Windows) on links in Typora to jump to target headings, or open them in Typora, or open in related apps.


If you want to make a link to local file, please make ensure the path is correct.

If you want to create a link towards website “”, you need to put the URL scheme or protocol, for example use [link](

Sometimes, protocol can be omitted if you use autolink (<>) or auto URL (, but this rules variables across different Markdown editors/engines, so we will recommand you NOT ommit protocols in any case for less compatibility issue.